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Does age have any bearing on hiring programmers and web designers even though it\'s not supposed to?
I am a senior citizen and I have done programming and web sites for myself and others since the bad old days (I have a 2-year degree in Data Processing).
I had a web design curriculum and I have a Bachelors in Business Communication.
My background includes machine language, assembler, fortran, pascal, cobol, CSS3, Html5 and javascript and I need to pick up C and java.
Is there hope for me?

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Rae Klahr,

If you are over 40 years, age-based discrimination can affect your chances of keeping a programming job or getting hired for a new software development postion!

If you are over-40 and you interview in-persomn or face-to-face for a computer programming position, you may notice subtle or not so subtle signs of worry, anxiety or concern about your ability to perform on the job or keep up with younger programmers

If you encounter this, don\'t lose hope or giveup because you can still overcome age-based discrimination and get the programming job you are qualified for. So, keeep these points in mind:

  1. Everyone will not discriminate against you: there are fair and honest hiring managers / teams out-there, that will not discriminate against you based on your age or gender or race.

  2. You have some control / power: there is a lot of demand for computer programmers with good skills, so, if you focus on what you can control (your skills), you will get hired because you are good at what you do!

You can get more tips, help and coaching on \"age-based discrimination\" here: how to overcome age-based discrimination