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Hi there,
I am a B Tech IT graduate 2010 pass out. Right now I am working as a software developer. The work here for me is slow and not exiting. Hence I am looking out for another job even as a fresher. But the conflict that lies in me is whether to go for a IT development job or some thing else.
As a person I am more people oriented and have a strong soft skill than the hard skill. In the mean time I had a plan to pursue my MBA but that is in a stand still because of some financial constrains.
What do you think I must do.
I personally went this road after getting my MS CS degree and reaching a dead end in my high paying but tech-only development job.
I had the soft skills, but staying at the job silo-ed me as a developer, and that was it. Moving on to product/project management was the right path and a good match for my skills.
Nowadays technology is in almost any industry, and having the abilities to easily bridge business and technology aspects of a project is a highly valued skill.
You really don\'t have to completely remove yourself from technology, but rather use your technology skills and experience to apply to a business role - any respectable company highly values a project manager with tech skills.
As for MBA, I would say go for it. I am completing my MBA degree, and though it I am using it for a career switch, it makes a huge difference in the range of options you get post its completion.
The problem with going the business route with only tech degree is that for a long time you are viewed mostly as a tech analyst and tech project manager and it takes twice as long to get into pure business professional roles compared to people with business degrees.
Build a good portfolio as a project manager and then move on with an MBA.
I hope this is of some help for you, and good luck!
If you are more people oriented and you have better soft skills than hard skills then a software development career may not be the best for you.
Consider a project management career or a business analysis career or even a technical writing career.
For a project management career, you will need to have strong soft skills, strong people skills, strong leadership skills and strong verbal communication skills.
For a business analysis career you will need to have strong people skills, strong verbal communication and strong writing / documentation skills.
For a technical writing career, you will need strong writing skills.
You don\'t need an MBA for any of these careers, just focus on educating yourself through self study (since you don\'t have the money for training) and then work on getting handson experience by taking on smaller roles at your place of employment.
Finally, update your resume and move into the position that you want.
Best Wishes