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I work as a call center consultant currently in my company and i want to know if there is a career path in customer service?
Are there cetifications that could boost one\'s career working in a call center? because i feel like i wasted my years in college if i continue woking in a call center and feel like wasting my future too working here if there is no career path.

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Is There A Future For Call Center Or Customer Service Consultants

Chinelo, the answer to your question is absolutely yes ... there is a future for call center or customer service representatives and this is why I say that:

Success Does Not Depend On Choice of Career

You can succeed or fail at any career regardless of the marketability of that career. What I am saying is that your success in the current career does not depend on that career but on what you make out of it!

For example, computer programming is a high-paying, very marketable career and yet there are computer programmers that are struggling with their bills and there are computer programmers that can\'t find jobs!

Likewise, an MBA is regraded as a career defining, prestigious degree ... yet there are MBA graduates that are looking for work as well!

What Is The Career Path for Customer Service or Call Center Consultants

Management & Leadership: You can start by paying a lot of attention to your job and doing it well with the view of becoming a call center supervisor or call center manager.

Call center managers or supervisors have to manage schedules and co-ordinate a lot of people as well as activities.

You may start reading a lot of management / leadership books so that you will raise your management / leadership skills & intelligence quotient.

Based on what you learn along this path, you may even go and get a job with another company (not necessarily a call center organization) where you will help them manager people and activities.

Pay attention to your transferable skills

Work very hard and pay attention to what you are learning at work and to skills that you can develop and transfer to other jobs.

A lot of people are unhappy because they think that are trapped at their current job. What they may not realize is that they can learn skills at their current job that will be transferable to other skills. Often those skills are there, you just have to look for them.

Working in a call-center allows you to sharpen your communication skills, leadership skills, time-management skills, planning and scheduling skills, sales skills.

Instead of looking for certifications, take the time to read books along the lines of leadership, management, communication, sales etc.

If you can be patient and learn from your job, you may even become a Call Center Consultant, the type that travels around helping other call centers with their problems or become a manager in another company using the skills you developed at your current job.

Do you get the picture?

Well said. Thank,you