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I have been into customer service for the last 6 years and then i shifted to business analyst where I have been working since the last year.
I want to know if I should proceed with my current business analyst profile or if should i go back to my previous customer service profile.
I want to know which of these two can pay better in terms of money.

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  1. Don\'t Choose A Career Based On Money

    Don\'t make a career choice based on money. If money is all that you care about then you can simply go to and run the two and then make a choice.

    However, there is more to your life than how much you get paid ... so don\'t make such an important choice based on which pays more

  2. Choose A Career Based On Passion

    Do you like business analysis more than customer service ... then choose business analysis.

    Do you like customer service work more than being a business analyst ... then choose to become a business analyst.

    Choosing your career based on your likes, passion, interests, is better than choosing based on money.

  3. Choose A Career Based on Your Strengths

    A Strength is something that you excel at or you do better than most of your peers.

    Choosing a career based on how well you perform the tasks in the career is better than choosing a career based on how much you will get paid.