Ask IT Career Coach

I have a b.e (electronics and telecom) and a post graduate in e-business management.
I am interested in a career in ecommerce security. What should be my career path?
Will doing a course in ethical hacking and passing a CEH exam help me find a relevant job?
pls guide me..
Doing a course in Ethical Hacking and (Certified Ethical Hacker) can help you find an ecommerce security job but you may have to do more.
Your job will require programming skills as well as computer networking skills.
So I suggest that you learn more about hacking using languages like C/C++, Java and even assembly / machine language. In other words, get into systems programming and then learn everything that you can about computer networking and if you can take computer netwoking certifications.
You job will most likely involve protecting and securing computer networks (both local area networks and wide area networks) as well as inspecting software programs for or detecting hacking attempts ...
that is why I am advising you to broaden your skills in both areas
thanks a lot...:)