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Dear sir/madam,
I am interested in taking up a role as business anaylst in the near future.
Am presently working as testing engineer at a small IT company.
Kindly tell that will my experience in testing domain be a negative aspect during recruitment process of business analyst.
Are software developers given more preference for a business analyst job.
I wanted to ask “IT Carrier Coach” what is good remain as Test Engineer or Business Analyst, If Company offers BA post to a tester then what should be the great step attend by the tester
Need to get information on certification that will be helpful in career switch from Testing engineer with experience in Telecom sector of 3 years and 7 months to a Business Analyst.
Working with good MNC (TCS).
I am working as a business analyst in a MNC and also a CBAP certified. My company want me to perform functional testing role for 6-8 months.
Is this a wise decision?
Is this a big career switch?
Am I able to move again in my BA career with this testing experience?
Kind Regards
Hi ,
I am a test Engineer with 2 years of exp in manual testing .I want to switch the job and look for some automation testing outside my company or some Onsite opportunity. Could you please guide me in this.
Hi i really liked the comment made by \"IT Carrier Coach\" further i just wanted to know that as it is possible to work as a business analyst in the future even though you are a software tester,so how much experience does it require to become a business Analyst??Also as of another option,is it possible to do additional MBA degree from abroad even after having MCA post graduate degree to become a business analyst and if so then which will be the better area (IT/Marketing/HR) in MBA and which university to approach??
can i learn sap fico by myself?
means using books or downloading particular software....
You can certainly transition or change careers from software testing to business analysis.
Textbooks draw lines or create artificial barriers whereas these boundaries are not so well-defined in the real-world.
#1: Roles and Responsibilities are Not Set In Stone:
In some organization, business analysts are also tasked with performing software testing tasks ... especially usability testing. And in some organizations, software testers are also tasked with performing business analyst roles ... especially requirements documentation and validation.
So, just know that the barriers between your current software testing job and business analysis are fluid ... or moved around all the time.
#2: Are Software Developers Preferred Over Software Testers for Business Analyst Jobs?
Absolutely not. When matters is the depth of the individual\'s experience and their personality.
What do I mean by that?
Hiring Managers have an eye for what a good fit for a business analyst position will look like. They have standards or expectations for example, documentation / writing, communication and presentation skills.
What that means is that when you interview for a job, if you present or communicate excellently, you will win points and if you communicate excellently, you will also win points ... and this is regardless of whether you are coming from a software tester or a computer programmer career.
In other words, neither of these careers endorses you. The only person that can endorse you for a business analyst job is you!
With that in mind, make sure that before you attend a business analyst job interview, you gather together, all the written documentation that you have worked on ... as proof of your suitability for the business analyst job.
And make sure that you get some coaching or practice at verbal communication, because your hiring manager will evaluate your oral presentation skills.
From an Information Technology (IT) / Software Development (SD) perspective, both software testers and computer programmers are exposed to the nuts and bolts of the software development process.
So, neither of these careers confers a greater advantage in a business analyst interview because they are both technical jobs.
Let me use another example. Let\'s say that one of the requirements for a business analyst job is prior software development lifecycle experience. Software testers and computer programmers are exposed to the software development lifecycle even though they are coming at it from different perspectives.
So, when you apply for a business analyst job interview, just work hard to sell yourself, paying attention to these key areas:
1. Your Business Analysis Knowledge & Skills
2. Your Oral Presentation Skills
3. Your Writing / Documentation Skills
4. Your Handson Business Analysis Experience
I hope that my answer helps :-)
Beautifully answered. Thanks !
Dear Sir/Madam,
What are the other career change options for test engineers?