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Hi There,
I have got 8 years of experience and I worked as a PM in a mid-size company.
I basically started as a Graphic/Web Designer and my domain is web design and development.
I have been into project management for nearly 4yrs handling multiple projects at a time.
I have handled projects of small to medium size fixed value projects, maintenance projects and dedicated staffing projects in web design and applications.
As a PM I have covered a gamut of tasks like recruiting staff, training the team, gathering requirements from client through chat or call, discussing/assisting business development team to close a deal, preparing quotations, documents, invoices, managing the projects and people, etc.
Currently I\'m looking out for a change and when I look out for options I see most of the PM requirement with other technical base or domain like .NET, Java, Sibel, etc. I\'m really perplexed and wonder if there is much options left out for me.

Here are my questions
1. Is there any scope for me to continue as PM?
2. I\'m interested in BA position and can somebody advise me what is the prospects for me in pursuing as a BA and the scope for it in future?
3. I\'m open to other options that could use my previous experience. Please suggest.
Waiting earnestly for you replies.

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Based on your experience in web design & web development, I would say that your project management skills are definitely marketable.

There is a lot of work in the web design & web development area because organizations are always upgrading their websites or building new ones.

So, you are in an area where there is a lot of growth, opportunities and work.

My recommendations is that you stay and not leave your current career path, instead of leaving, expand your skills and your career options.

There are multiple career options for project managers like you with a web design & web development background / experience.

  • Specialized Project Management Career Paths

    There are two PM Roles that you may specialize in. One of these is called a Technical Project Manager (TPM) and the other is the Web Project Manager Role.

  • Specialized Business Analyst Career Paths

    There are also some business analyst roles that you can specialize in based on your web design & web development background.

    These include the User Interface (UI) Business Analyst Role, Web Business Analyst Role and Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst Role.

  • Learn / AddOn Web / User Interface (UI) Business Analysis

    What you need to do is to learn the tasks performed by web business analysts in your type of work, get some handson experience in Web / UI business analysis and then re-position your career to take advantage of opportunities that come up in either of these areas.

    Learn what this web business analyst does and after that, start taking on some of those web business analyst roles yourself. With that kind of experience, you will be able to work as a web project manager and as a web business analyst.

    Then keep your options open and choose the type of work that suites you better as opportunities present themselves.

  • Is There Scope For You To Continue As A Project Manager?

    Absolutely. You are in a hot domain with very marketable skills. What I suggest is that you dig deeper and become a highly skilled web project manager / business analyst.

    For example, the trend in web application development is to create Social Web Applications that have a Web 2.0, User Driven (UI) Interface like Facebook.

    These applications require knowledge of usability and web 2.0 trends and they require advanced UI Mockup / Prototyping Skills.

    Learning more about how to document the User Interface (UI) requirements for interactive websites is hot skill and one that I recommend again that you learn :-)

  • Bring Your Passion To Market

    It is also time to bring your passion to market.

    just learning web business analysis or extending your web project management skills is not enough!

    You must start blogging about your passion and your own unique ideas and perspective on web design, web development, project management and business analysis.

    A lot of good things happen when we blog about topics that we are truly passionate about.

    Click here to read more about blogging and marketing your career

    In my opinion, at this point in your career, you have to wake up and realize that getting a day job is no longer enough.

    You have to start investing time in creating an online brand similar around your passion. That way, more employers will get to learn about you and you will get a higher return on all the investment you are making in your career.

Here is a summary of what I am saying

  1. Learn Web / User Interface (UI) Business Analysis which expands on and builds upon your current background, knowledge and skills as a Web Project Manager.

  2. Take on Web Business Analysis Tasks as they present themselves at your current job. That way you become comfortable working as a web business analyst as well as a web project manager.

    Update your resume to reflect both your handson web business analysis work as well as your handson web project management work and don\'t be too worried as to whether you should be classified as a web business analyst or as a web project manager.

  3. Start blogging about web business analysis and web project management

    Just learning skills and going to work is no longer enough. You must take an active role in marketing yourself to as many professionals as possible even when you are not looking for work because that will help ensure that potential employers recognize your true value or your true worth :-)

Thanks and Best Wishes