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What\'s the best way to develop database development skills? \n\nI am working with SQL Server 2008. Microsoft classroom training is very expensive.
The cheapest way to develop database skills is to buy a very good book and then tutor yourself through the book.
A less painful but more expensive way is to Is to register for online sql training
The trade-off is that you save more money by buying books and studying by yourself. On the other hand, you will have little to no support and you will spend much more time trying to figure things out and finally, you also have little guidance for your questions.
So it is really up to you … choose a course of action based on what is the most important benefit to you at this time :-)
As a database administrator or DBA, one of your primary responsibilities is to keeo your database up and running all the time and another one is to ensure that it responds quickly or that it performs well.
In a larger company you will work with a team of software developers or database developers. Some of them will write good stored procedures and some of them will not.
So, it is your job to review all the stored procedures that will be saved on your database because a poorly performing stored procedure can comprise the secyrity of your data or bring down your production database or cause it to perform poorly.
So, yes you have to be like the best database developer in the company because you must be able to review all the stored procedures and spot problems even before their stotred procedures are saved on your database or help the database developers optimize it so that it peforms even better.
And you have to watch over your database and detect any sql queries that are executed through software applications and then get back to the developers whose sql queries are causing problems.
You will also have to design the databases that are put in your production systems or at least review them to make sure that they are consistent with other database designs and that they are designed according to normalization guidelines, etc.
So, yes, a database administrator or DBA must be a very good database developer and must have lots of database development experience … good question!