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So I waited too long, 12 years, to get back to work full-time in a career mode.
Now what do I do? I worked in customer service part-time, but really not interested in pursuing full-time.
Everyone wants to sell me class(es), promises I will be marketable - Microsoft/SAP/Project Management. Classes cost $1,000\'s.
What is the best bang for the buck. I have a few yrs experience in: finance, project management, non-profit program management, data management, business analysis...

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The best bang for the buck is figuring out what you will really like to do as opposed to what everyone else is selling to you.
Discovering your Passion or Doing What You Love first is the first thing because there is no point in investing money studying for a job that you will hate to do or going for a job just because it promises money.
You can make money doing any real job but if you don\'t like the job, you will be miserable or work just to put food on the table or supplement your family\'s income which in my opinion is not enough!
In this day and age, there is no reason for anyone to spend their lifetime just paying bills ... you spend the majority of your time in the office after which you\'ll have just a few hours left over for yourself or your family after work ... so why don\'t you make that time, interesting, rewarding, beneficial and enjoyable to yourself by doing the work that you love?
The best bang for the buck is not a very good or objective evaluation. If you are thinking of just making money ... why not learn computer programming which pays very well and is easy to get hired for?
If you don\'t like playing with technology, look into becoming a business analyst or getting back into project management.
If you have some entrepreneurial drive, why not consider starting a blog and an online business ... your online business should be organized around doing what you love / passion otherwise, you may not succeed.
What more can I say :-)