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Hi, I am a college student that has been trying to get a entry level programming position while still taking classes.
The issue I am running into, is that every job I have been able to find regarding programming, wants a college degree and 2-4 years experience.
I have worked as a Graphic Developer for a year, but that didn\'t turn out well (Take a logical thinker and have him do graphical art, no so pretty).
While I walked away from that with the understanding of balance and other creative processes, and the ability to do simple, nice graphics in a short period of time, I am by no means an artist.
I am not trying to use no degree as an excuse, I have been looking, quite hard in fact, and am stuck in my search, after many rejections because of still being a student.
Are there any entry level programming jobs out there for college students?
I know of a few summer internships, but I need a way to make money while still taking classes, not just during the summer, and living on my own, at 21.

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  1. What Programming Language Did You Learn Or Master?

    I get that you are looking for an entry level programming job but I don\'t see any mentions of the programming languages that you expect to code in ... why not?

    If you haven\'t taken the time to learn or master a programming language on your own ... then you are wasting your time with a job search!

  2. Are There Any Entry Level Programming Jobs Out There For Students?

    Absolutely YES! But these jobs are strictly reserved for students that have something to offer the employer.

    Without the ability to write code, what will you do with the programming job considering that it is not the employer\'s responsibility to learn how to program!

    Do you expect the employer to pay you to learn coding?

  3. 2 - 4 Years of Programming Experience Is Relative

    When you see employers ask for 2-4 years of programming experience, note that the real requirement here is not the number of years but the depth of skill or experience!

    In other words, if you take the time to master a programming language and work on it for 6 months to 1 year, you will get the same job that someone with 2 - 4 years of programming experience will get ... why?

    You can perform the same tasks just as well as someone who has more years of programming experience!

  4. What Should You Learn First?

    The challenge that you need to solve or face is that you lack a programming skill that gives you something to offer employers.

    Based on that, why don\'t you try to learn or master CSS / XHTML and then perhaps PHP or WordPress?

    If you can learn these few skills, you may not even need a programming job because you can get into the freelance market since these skills are very hot right now.

    Click here to learn more about: Learn PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS