Hi, I am a college student that has been trying to get a entry level programming position while still taking classes.

The issue I am running into, is that every job I have been able to find regarding programming, wants a college degree and 2-4 years experience.

I have worked as a Graphic Developer for a year, but that didn’t turn out well (Take a logical thinker and have him do graphical art, no so pretty).

While I walked away from that with the understanding of balance and other creative processes, and the ability to do simple, nice graphics in a short period of time, I am by no means an artist.

I am not trying to use no degree as an excuse, I have been looking, quite hard in fact, and am stuck in my search, after many rejections because of still being a student.

Are there any entry level programming jobs out there for college students?

I know of a few summer internships, but I need a way to make money while still taking classes, not just during the summer, and living on my own, at 21. 

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