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I have been impressed with your blogs and would request you to help me with my current challenge in changing career from an Administrative Assistant to a Business Analyst.
I have some knowledge in BA roles and responsibilities and believe that good analytical and communication skills should help one achieve success as a Business Analyst.
What I did notice is that even the Entry Level jobs ask for 3 years experience and expect you to know a lot more than what a BA normally does.
This has become a very big challenge for a beginner who has never ever worked as a Business Analyst.
It would be very helpful if you could advice me how to proceed with my career as a Business Analyst.
Thank you
I\'m currently working as an Application/Production Support Analyst, and I\'ve been in this role for 5 years now. I would like to move to Business Analysis field, as I\'ve been working closely with BA\'s and that\'s how I developed the passion for Business Analysis. I\'d like to find out if it\'d be a great move for me? If not, what career path should one take from my current one? And if there any courses or training I should do to boost my skills, in order to make a good Business Analyst?
Thank you.
I have done MCA( Masters in computer applications) from India in 2012. Then, I moved to Toronto(Canada) and worked as a QA analyst for 2 years in a corporation. I want to switch my carrier and become a Business Analyst. I would like to know is there a good future of BA in IT field and where can I see myself after 5 years down the road? I have heard that a BA makes more money in Alberta than in Toronto.

  • Begin With The Skills You Have

    Begin your business analyst job search with the skills you have and focus on making the best impression that you can make at the job interview.

    Job Interviews are not always skewed in favor of the most experienced business analysts for some of the following reasons:

    1. Experienced business analysts may end up having multiple job offers and having to say no to all but one. Which is a good thing because all you have to do is to keep showing up at interviews and eventually you will get lucky.

    2. Experienced / Senior business analysts may not fit into the salary range set by an employer. Since you are less experienced, you may be able to compete on a lower salary for a while.

    3. Experienced / Senior business analysts may not be available for the job interview. In the Information Technology (IT) Industry, finding skilled professionals is always a challenge, so don\'t assume that every job posting for business analysts has an overwhelming response from senior / experienced business analysts.

  • Bridge the Gap Between Your Current Skills and the Business Analyst You Want To Be

    Do you have a picture of how skilled you want to be as a business analyst and how long it will take you to go there?

    Your business analyst skills & experience are among the most prized intellectual assets in Information Technology. So, why don\'t you make a short-term, six (6) months plan to become the best business analyst you can be.

    In those six (6) months, pick a number of business analyst topics and read up on them. Use those skills at work, take practice tests on those skills, maintain a relentless, dedicated effort to sharpen your BA skills until you are at your very best.

    You don\'t have to know everything to become a successful business analyst. But you can become very skilled and knowledgeable at the business analysis that at first glance make meaning to you and then promote your skills and knowledge at the job interview.

    When all is said or done, life is about what you do with what you have and not about what you don\'t have :-)

    Thank you for reading my blog ... please continue posting your questions and I will answer them for you.