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I have been working as a project manager for the last 4+ years and I am managing mostly .NET projects.
My role is mainly people management and since I am familiar with the Sage product domain I also help the team with that domain.
I started my career as a Visual Foxpro developer and because of that, I also have good hands-on experience in Visual Foxpro (VFP).
I do not have any hands on experience in .NET and since our company is not doing well, I am planning to switch over to another company. But I have not succeeded (so far) at that!

Can you help me! .... What is wrong with me ?

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You are a software development manager with 4 years of handson .NET project management expertise which is really a good thing.
You have handson experience in .NET even though you don\'t realize it. You just don\'t realize it yet.
The challenge you are facing is that you started out as a Visual Foxpro (VFP) Developer but then you transitioned to a .NET Project Manager role and you do not realize that as a project manager, you don\'t need to write code or know how code works ... leave that stuff to the developers.
As a software development project manager or a .NET Project Manager, your previous handson programming background is sufficient and when merged with the fact that you have been managing .NET Projects, you are actually doing pretty well.
Now, you profile is ideal for clients that are looking for technical project managers (TPM). TPMs are project managers with a good understanding of both project management and software development.
In other words, project managers with a development background who may not be coding currently but have probably done some coding.
So, hit the road and start looking for technical project management jobs ... there is nothing wrong with your profile ... or do you want to go back to being a software developer?