I have hands on experience in the Networking IT/Telecommunications business for over 15 years now.

I’ve done everything from managing millions of end users in multiple countries, to deploying or upgrading Networks in offices of 20 people.

There is very little I have not seen or have done. My main forte is in the Network (routers, switches, TCP/IP), not so much on the desktop or end user environment.

The last “real” job I had ended during 9/11.

I haven’t worked in my true capacity since that time. Infact, I have spent most of that time, outside the US traveling the world. I’m back in the USA and it’s time to work once again.

It seems everyone wants a degree’s or some certifications these days. I have certifications from years ago, but HR does not see them as relevant to today.

What hiring managers and especially HR people fail to realize is that nothing has changed. TCP/IP and networking is still TCP/IP and networking. Maybe a different interface, a different command line interface, or a different box. But the practical knowledge and know how is exactly the same.

How do I get over and bypass this perceived limitation that keeps getting thrown in my face? I know, given the chance, I would far surpass anyones expectations! It’s getting that first chance that is my first big hurdle to overcome.  

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