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I have studied system administration but nowI am doing graphic design.
I love it so i want to do business analysis but i do not know how to go about it?
Where can i study this course and how long does it takes, what can you do with this course?
Considering the job market, will i be able to get a job with this course because IT in our province is extremely terrible we can not even get internship in this department.

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Question: - How Do I Study Business Analysis?
#1: You have studied system administration and you are currently a graphic designer which probably means you are leaning more towards the technical side than the business side.
Have you considered fully developing your graphic design skills and also learn other aspects wof web development? Web developers are in-demand and it is also easy to get web development jobs.
As a matter of fact, if you are a talented graphic designer or web developer, you will be able to start your own business or travel out and work in developed countries or get jobs more easily in your own country.
So, with all this in mind, why do you think that a business analysis career is a better choice for you?
Business Analysis is a very competitive field and except you have the right personality and the training, you may find it hard to stand out in the market.
You can consider goingto and searching for books on business analysis, buying them and then studying them by yourself ... that is the cheapest option.