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I have my final interview as an entry-level statistical programmer 1 for a large BioTech firm. Here is the job description: A beginning clinical programmer is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the flow of clinical data into the computer database. He or she analyzes and evaluates clinical data, recognizes inconsistencies, and initiates the resolution of data problems.
I am a current graduate of Statistics and all my research involved R (in never used a GUI so that\'s a plus), and the company is aware of my background, however, I still need to pass the company\'s skill test in SAS to affirm my position.
They said to study SASbase and SAS/STAT.
How would you suggest the optimal approach to obtaining enough SAS to pass the exam in the least amount of time.
What are the usual questions for the entry-level sas programmer in a skills test exam?
The company uses Linux, is there other/additional languages that would be helpful?
Any additional recommendations would be appreciated.


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2. What skills, certifications, and education are required for clinical SAS programmer job today?

3. Inform your contact of your current background and ask, “With my background, what challenges will I face in finding entry level clinical SAS programmer a job in this field?”

4. What do you recommend I do this position how can you to help me get a job in this field? (Because I have computer science major that only have 2 years experience with database, and I have other major with biotechnology that have over 10 years experience, but I want to update my skill with SAS programming, try to find new job)

5. Anything else that you think that I should know about this field (for clinical SAS program) or needed training?