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What are the steps in becoming an IT SEC TEC?
I am currently enrolling at WGU witch offer’s degree program in field.

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Matthew: Congratulations on your enrollment in Salt Lake City, Utah\'s Western Governors University s M.S. in Information Security and Assurance.
Since your industry and the entire computer networking industry for that matter is a highly competitive industry, consider taking the following steps:
#1: Get as many certifications as you can. Consider taking the following certifications: CCNA, MCITP, OCA, CompTIA, A+
#2: Get a job with a company that has Information Security jobs: You have to make sure that there is actually a future for you in the companies that you apply to. Before you apply to a company, talk to recruiters or to someone who knows the company and make sure that they have Information Security jobs even though you may not be applying for them directly.
This is why I say that: There may be 210 companies hiring Information Technology (IT) technicians. However, only 3 of them have full-time Information Security (IS) technicians on their staff. The higher the percentage of IS employees in a firm, the higher your chance of actually becoming one of those techs.
So, you need to plan carefully and be sure that you will have a future in those companies that you apply to.
#3: Get your foot in through the door. Once you identify the companies that actually hire IS techs, do everything you can do to get hired ... even if you are not going to start-off in IS tech. Let your interviewers know that you eventually want to end up in IS tech even though you will start off somewhere else.
#4: Network and be good at your job. Once you get hired, start doing an exceptional job. make friends with mid-level to senior IS techs in your group and after you\'ve worked hard and wowed them, start asking for opportunities to work as an IS tech. Often, organizations will advertise or hire for a position internally and if you\'ve built a good reputation for hard-work and excellence, you will be sure to get a recommendation or get hired.
Best Wishes :-)