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I do not go back to .NET, But am not sure what Phoenix has to offer.
Programming is not In my interest now.
Was trying to decide between BA, PM, BI or something else.
I want to choose something to finally settle in, with decent pay if not great and little stress.
I want a career for myself, though my husband is happy to have me staying home.(He is in medical field, so cannot extend any guidance)
Could you please show me some direction?
Thank you.


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Most information technology jobs have a decent pay and of course, they better you are at a job, the more you will be paid especially when compared to others.
However the only time when a job will be easy is when you really like doing the job or when your skills are so shar, that you can peform tasks easily.
The good thing is that you have ruled out working as computer programmer because you probably find working as a computer programmer stressful. Note that why you consider computer programming stressful, other people will actually find it enjoyable and not stressful.
Here are some questions that you can answer that will help me answer your question:
#1: What did you hate about computer programming, i.e. whay sorts of tasks makes computer programming stressful for you.
#2: What made you suggest BA, PM or BI careers. What makes you think that a BA, PM or BI career may be easy when compared to software development?
#3: What type of work do you enjoy doing? Do you like writing, speaking, managing people or tasks etc.?
#4: What sorts of tasks have you excelled at before? The reason why you need to identify these sorts of tasks is that there may be a discrepancy between the type of work that you actually excel at compared to the type of work taht you think that you will like.
There are other questions that I may ask based on your response to my question, but I will like to start with your answers to these :-)