I have worked as an IT consultant for approximately 4 years now with roles have changed from systems administration to database administration.

I have earned a BSc degree and now concentrating on earning MSc in IS.

I have been trying for the past 6 months to transition to Business Intelligence as a Business Analyst.

I have expressed my interest to my manager of the intentions to shift in job roles. However, my manager has often told me that he will not consider me now moving to another job role because he has not got anyone who is as competent at my current job as myself.

I have tried applying for postions outside my company but experience is demanded, which I do not have. The only way is to convince my manager to give me an opportunity.

How do I get to convince my manager to shift me to Business Analysis?

I once offered to train someone who can replace me but my manager insists not to move me. I am about to get frustrated. 

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