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I don\'t know how to find what I am passionate about as it relates to a functioning career. How do I tap into my passion when I don\'t know what I am passionate about?
I would like to transition out of IT related jobs/career into something a little less demanding and a little more interesting.
Because every IT related job I have had has required me to wear many hats, I don\'t know which function I am more or less passionate about or which function I am better at performing (all of my performance reviews were highly rated).
I enjoy the project management aspect of things, but I don\'t care to be micromanaged.
I enjoy working with databases, but I am not that interested in doing only that all day long.
I HATE working with hardware and networks.
I have been the Director of IT, a software implementations engineer, and a project manager but I am not exactly brimming with passion for any of those jobs.
I am thinking I might need to transition out of IT altogether, but don\'t know where to go or how to get there.
I am also not certified in anything which has been a deterrent for me. I don\'t necessarily do well with testing (I get anxious) and have avoided certifications because of that.
Sorry for being long-winded, but I need help figuring out what to do.

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I am sending you my latest ebook which is titled\" Discover Your Passion, Do What You Love and Bring Your Passion To Market\".
It addresses your situation and what you are going through right now.
Please read it and use it as a guide to ask more questions on this page about your situation. I am sending you this document so that you will have the background for dealing with your situation.
Please expect the document within the next 10 minutes, OK?
Best Wishess
Yes pleeeeeeezzzzzeeee send me a copy as well. Thanks Cheryl.
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Could you please send me your book as well? Thank you so much
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Hello ,
Could you also send me a copy of \"Discover Your Passion, Do What You Love and Bring Your Passion To Market”?
thanks !
Please send it to me also.. thanks!