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I would like to get into the tech field but not sure where to start. I know I use to like repairing computer systems when I was in the military.
I got a degree in computer info systems but got discouraged after spending all that time and money only to be told that I didn\'t have the up to date skills needed for the jobs.
I took the first job to come along (clerical) after that and have been doing that ever since (8 years now).
I really want to find a career path in Information Technology (IT) that I will enjoy. I was considering getting MCDST certified.
Do you think that is close enough to what I enjoyed doing in this field before or is there another path I should explore?

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Tracie, thamks for asking this really important question.

I am going to answer your question not with a \"Yes / No\" response but by giving you guidelines / criterria you can use to determine whether an MCDST Career or any other type of career is right for you.

  1. Does It Match Your Natural Talents?

    Have you ever seen a video of a child singing with such great vocals ... that adults with years of training are not able to match him / her?

    The reason is that our brains are hard-wired to perform certain tasks much better than others.

    Just like most people can sing but only a few have the talent to actually perform, you can do pretty much anything in the Tech. Industry ... but there are only a few things that you can perform excellently.

    The key is to find those few skills, careers, etc. that you perform exceptionally well and then major on them.

  2. Can Your Afford The Cost of Education?

    Their is a cost both in time and in resources for acquiring the knowledge, skills any experience required for any career.

    Some careers take a really long time to train for and are also expensive while others may take a few months.

    So, be pragmatic about your career goals and make sure that you can really afford the learning required for that career.\".

  3. Does It Match Your Personality?

    Every career has a matching personality types. So, to choose a career, you must know your personality and that of the typical professional in that career and then determine if their is a match.

    Don\'t try to fix yourself into a career that your personality is not suited for because it will create a lot of stress and conflict and you may not be able to achieve even average results.

    Sun Tzu said that the key to winning every way is: \"To Know Yourself and To Know Your Enemy!\".

  4. Do You Enjoy Your Career?

    Is your job your bobby or is it totally different from your hobbies?

    Are you interested in the job beyond just earning a paycheck or are you interested in the career just as a means of paying your bills?

    Your ideal career should interest you and be fun. It should pay your bills of course but you must also enjoy doing it ...

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How To Find Your Passion In Information Technology (IT) | Ask IT Career Coach
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How To Find Your Passion In Information Technology (IT) | Ask IT Career Coach