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I am in a programming group and we need to learn programming for our projects so we dont know if you could help finance the project like with laptops and textbooks and we can make a deal on income that comes from the project.
Also, I need a well detailed tutorial on Artificial Intelligence for games and electronics. Please i need it badly.
Your help will be gladly needed.
Thanks a lot.
sir seriosly i need a laptop for my programming class cos things are though down here. please i will really appreciate it if my request is granted. thanks so much please
Question: - How Do I Fund My Startup?
Answer: - Here are some ideas on how to startup and run your business profitably.
#1: Asking for a well-detailed tutorial on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a bad idea because as an entrepreneur, you should have been able to scout that information for yourself and get it. You will find it, if you look for it long enough on the internet, and if you can\'t find a tutorial, I will start doubting your ability to run a business ... any business!
#2: Don\'t ask for startup money. The new capital these days is idea capital which means that for your business to attract investors, it needs to prove that it is profitable by itself or that your team can generate a profit. So, if you can\'t find a way to make some money now, then you will not most likely not make any money regardless of how much is thrown at you!
#3: Find a way to be profitable now. I guy who acted as a mentor of mine when I was in college several years ago, recommended that you luck yourself up in a room for a whole day and brainstorm or think of possibilities. Things that you can do right now to generate capital.
I will give you one pointer. Your team is probably composed of progrrammers and the staple or bread and butter for most programmers is consulting projects.
Which means that your team members should be pounding the streets now looking for a programming project and when you find one, you can rent a computer to do the job.
Here is another ideas, being that you are based in a 3rd. world countru, your cost of living is much lower than those of programmers living in a developed country, so that is a competitive advantage for you.
So, based on that, you can go to popular job boards like RentACoder and bid on projects. Whatever project you get, you will do it extremely well. Very soon, you will make a name for yourself and you can buy more computer sand hire more programmers to work for you.
Either way, you have to find a way to generate income now, no matter how small and then manage the money no matter how little and grow your business from there.
I hope this helps? If you are really intersted in succeeding and you start carrying our this advice, I will be happy to continue advising you for free!
Have a great life