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How do I start a career in data warehousing.I am fresher and I am studying for my graduate BCA.
So how can I start my career in data or get my first job?
I am a fresher currently pursuing my degree in Computer Science and Engineering in final year. I want to know how do I start or where do I begin from for a career in DATA WAREHOUSING.
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I have 1 year of experience in software development, so, can I switch to a Data Warehouse career?
Which technology / knowledge is required to become a Data Warehouse Tester?
how to become a business analyst
Which one is better ETL or reporting?
In either case, the most important skill is the ability to write SQL. If you are good with SQL scripting, you can create very good reports, because reports are nothing but efficient queries, or write efficient ETL scripts. Also, do remember that you need a strong grounding in data warehousing to be able to understand and become a good ETL expert. People often mistake mastering ETL tools with mastering ETL as a concept. If you are able to do good data analysis, you would be able to know what kind of transformations you would need to employ. From a career standpoint, ETL skills are important, but data visualization skills with strong SQL skills are far better.

  • How To Start A Data Warehousing Career

    Start a data warehousing career by learning what data warehousing is all about.

    A Data Warehouse is often referred to as an OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Database as opposed to traditional relational database designs known as OLTP (Online Analytical Transaction Processing).

  • Learn Data Warehousing Terminology

    There are several terms, processes and terminologies that are peculiar to Data Warehousing which you have to learn.

    These include terms like OLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP, DATAMART, CUBE, ETC. You may find a complete list of these terms in the article titled: How To Become A Data Warehouse Architect

  • Start By Becoming A Database Developer

    Data warehouses are essentially large aggregated databases designed to support Decision Making, Analysis and Reporting.

    Building a DataWarehouse is like designing a de-normaliez databases. In other words, you invert some of the principles you\'ve learnt to practice as a relational database developer.

    In addition, data warehousing architects extract and aggregate data from several relational databases, so the first step to becoming a data warehousing architect is to learn database development.

    In addition, no-one will probably give you a data warehousing architect job if you don\'t already know how to design or develop optimized relational databases.

    So, this is not a career for freshers but a career that you can grow into after getting strong experience as a database developer.

Does Data analyst experience count in a data warehouse job or not.