Dear Mr Tagbo,

I’m a master in Applied Mathematics. I’m familiar and have academic experience in several programming languages like; VBA, C, Matlab, R, Python, database development and SQL.

I want a job as a developer in algorithms and computation. Recently i’ve been interviewed for one such position.

It didn’t go OK because the interviewers were from Computation and the questions asked were about data structures, database design and related like hash tables, functions and indexes, or more on the matters of data storing and the physical part of computer programming, which I’m not fully aware.

Also, they didn’t consider my academic experience in programming, to be that much relevant.

I know the algorithms but from a theoretical standpoint. When it comes to understand what a computer is capable of handling with terabytes of information, I’m somewhat “green”.

I would like to ask how can I improve on these subjects?

Also, how can I prepare for a technical interview for a position such as this one?

Thank you very much.


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