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I recently graduated with a BS degree in Computer science with Math minor and having difficulty getting an entry-level job.
Most of my programming experience is school-based and I am trying to get into an internship where I can get a real world programming experience.

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How To Find Software Developer Internship Jobs?

Ruben, your desire to first find a software developer internship job is legitimate because that is the best way to start your career. Here is how to go about this quest:

  1. Do You Have Marketable Right Programming Skills?

    Employers may not be interested in hiring you just because you have computer programming skills ... you must have either marketable programming skills or skills that match their needs.

    Let me explain? If you have Python skills for example based on your college education and Python skills are not in-demand in the market, then your programming skills will not help you get an internship because few employers use those programming skills in real-world projects.

    So, start by looking at the market demand for your skills and if that demand is not high then just assume that you will find it hard to get a software development internship!

  2. How good are your programming skills?

    The more skilled you are at a marketable skill, the easier it will be for you to get a software developer internship and vice versa.

    What this means is that if you barely know a programming language and you want to get a software developer internship, you are basically saying that you want the employer to train you.

    The problem is that most employers do not want to train you even in a software developer internship. What the want is for you to bring the programming skills that you have already developed to work on their projects.

    In other words, you are best positioned for a software developer internship when you have actually learnt or mastered a programming language and you are looking to put it to work in a real-world project or in several real-world projects!

    In other words, a software developer internship job is not where you go to learn a programming language but where you go to put it to work!

  3. Does learning a marketable programming skill and becoming skilled at that programming skill guarantee you a software developer internship job?

    Learning a programming skill and becoming highly skilled at that programming skill guarantees you the best shot at getting a software developer internship job.

    The purpose of a software developer internship is actually to build handson practical skills before you get a full-time job and guess what? You don\'t even need a job for that ... just line up 3 cool software developer projects, preferably web-based projects (those are visible to everyone), build them and create your own portfolio ... if you do this successfully, you are virtually guaranteed a full-time job!

There are three (3) things that you can do to get a software developer internship job: learn a marketable programming skill, become highly skilled at that skill and finally build your own portfolio with or without a software developer internship job!
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