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I graduated in computer software applications in 2004 and worked since then as a help desk executive.
Then i switched my career to the sales and marketing side.
I worked as a sales and marketing executive in a finance company and bank for 3 year in india.
Now I\'m in London, doing a PGD before I start an mba.
So am I on the right path in my career or not?
I want to capitalize on my graduation in computer software applications and my MBA and become a business analyst?
Am I on the right career path?

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Yes, you can absolutely become a business analyst with a combined MBA and computer science degree.
The question would be, how are you planning to do that?
Are you planning to start applying for business analysis jobs with an MBA and a computer applications degree and any prior work experience? In other words, will you make the assumption that you can get a job with your resume just as it is?
Or, are you planning to take some other path and make another detour before you start applying for business analysis jobs?
Have you taken a look at the curriculum or skills required for becoming a business analyst? Since I am not looking at your resume, I don\'t know if you have the required skills or not.
So, here are some questions along those lines:
1.) Have you worked previously as a business analyst? If so, what did you do?
2.) Have you had any formal training in business analysis or did you learn some of that perhaps during your MBA program or computer software application degree?
If so, what areas of business analysis did you learn?
3.)Do you know what the required skills for business analysts and what the optional skills are? If you do, which of the required skills or optional skills do you have ... in other words, how will you group your skills?
I would be looking forward to your answers as they would help determine your readiness, suitability or eligibility for a business analyst job.
i have never worked as a business analyst.
i have never attended any training related to it.
i don\'t know which skills required to be come business analyst.
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I have never worked as a business analyst.\n\ni have never attended any training related to be come business analyst.\n\nCurrently I am doing an MBA but i don’t know which skills are required to be come a business analyst.\n\nBut i have good communication skills, general knowledge and business ideas. I have worked as a sales officer for 4 years so i have knowledge about it.\n\nI\'m interested in working as business analyst in a software company.\n\nPlease give me some suggestions.
Read this post for a more detailed explanation of business analysis skills and roles
There is a lot of opportunity in the software development and web industry.
I suggest that you start by getting more handson experience in software development.
Because hiring managers want you to have some relevant software background and it is going to be hard for you to get a job without knowing for example ... the different stages of software development or without having participated in a software development project
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Hello My name is Mahesh and am working as ABAP Consultant and I want to do my PGDM from any of the A,B,C IIMs .I planned to give my cat for 2015.Which specialization would help me in my career .
i just complete my from computer science and engineering in 2014,
i got a job profile of bussiness analyst...
so it is a good profile?
is it mandatory to be mba in bussiness analysis..or is it ok?
beacause i am thinking for my future aspect ,so i am thinking if i have relative expirenece in this job profile of suppose 2 years. and then after that i want to join other company...would they as for mba in bussiness analysis?
i am damn confuse please help me ASAP.
Hi, I am perusing MBA in business analytics. I am currently going though my internship and i see that a business analyst needs a good understanding of IT. I did my grad in hotel management and thus have no systems background> I understand business and have good presentation skills and communication. All the job profile are are distinct and ask for MySQL or hadoop SAS or r. Guide as of how to go with my career once i finish my MBA in 6 months.
is mba compulsory to become a financial analyst ?
i\'ll be finishing my graduation this year and i want to become a finanical analyst.
and what companies might be a good start for me in this field ?
Hi ,
As i have done MBA in marketing & international Business and i have 7 years of experience in sales , as worked with different companiesllike and others online B2B portal and done slaes , and i have 2 years of experience in staffing industries like Adecco .
how this course will help in my career .