I have been a small business (25- 60 employee) IT Manager and Director with 9 years experience but not continuous as I changed careers 8 years ago to own a successful quick service food business.

After almost 4 years I sold my business, for personal reasons, and found that I could not get an IT interview let alone an IT job so I became employed as a manager at a famous coffee chain.

I loved owning my business but hated food management and I was very lucky to have landed a position as an “IT Project /Network/Systems Admin” for another small company of 60 employees and $15 million in revenue.

After 3 years of employment I have become the IT Director responsible for:

* All software development projects as a Scrum product owner
* Strategic direction of the IT department in support of business development
* Information Systems development projects
* Network and server infrastructure upgrades
* IT asset management
* Disaster recovery/ data Security
*Hire, coach, manage and lead two programmers and one systems admin.
* IT Help Desk

I have an impressive record of zero downtime and multiple improvements by implementing Agile/Scrum, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange Server, VPN, VMware and more. This is the same type of experience in my previous years as an IT Manager.

My company has been sold and I will be out of a job in a couple of months. I have experience in almost every field that touches IT but I am not an expert in any of them nor have I managed a department on a large enterprise scale.

This is my problem as I cannot find a fit in a larger corporation which requires more specialized experience or more global enterprise management experience. There are not any small businesses IT Manager positions open in my area.

What would be a good career path for the jack of all trades master of none small business IT Director?

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