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Hi there !!
I am B.Tech (Electronics& comm Engg), with MBA Finance with 3 years of work exp in Business Development / Sales /Wealth Management.
After all these years of slogging, I always believed I can become a business analyst. But off late, I have seen that consultants have not been considering my CV in the same role.
Even my business acumen/intellect does not come into question, but always my IT skills come as a hindrance.
I have always believed that a business analyst always have a sharper business role to play than that of IT programmer, b\'coz he joins the bridge between business requirement and IT(non-IT).
Kindly advise what do I need to do extra to be a candidate to be reckoned with?

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Find out how you can earn the trust of the folks that you work with. Look at your situation and find out why your co-workers are not trusing your judgment as a business analyst and then do something that directly addresses that lack of trust.
It seems that the primary reason why your judgment as a business analyst is being challenged is that you are perceived as not having enough domain knowledge, that is knowledge about how the Information technology (IT) Industry works ... so why don\'t you do something to fix that perception.
Read this article titled: \"how important is domain knowledge is for a business analyst?\".
You can\'t wave your credentials a people or ask them to believe in your judgment because you know something that they don\'t ... It is better to see things from their point of view and fix the issues once you undertand that.
In your case, I would advise that you take the time to get a deep, thorough knowledge of how your busienss or informtion technology department works and then only after that do you advice your client.
On the other hand, you may also have to work on your presentation or persuasion skills. Go take a course with Toastmasters International or start reading books like \"How To Win Friends Or Persuade People\" ...
That is really how to become a leader. You must learn how to get people to want what you are ofefring or to see your poijt of view easily and that is a skill or an art that is honed or sharpened intentionally meaning that unless you develop those skills speciifivaclly, you won\'t have them :-)