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Dear sir/madam
I am doing my masters in business administration (MBA) with a General emphasis. I have completed my undergraduate in computer engineering and my question is, am i still eligible to become an IT Business Analyst?
Moreover, I would be thankful if you can guide me on the technical skills that are required to be a successful Business analyst.
Furthermore, could you please give me the links where from i can access the Business Analyst catalogue and also the list of the companies that recruits Business analyst.
Best regards
jeet karki.

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An IT Business Analyst needs to have an Information Technology (IT) / Computer Programming / Web Development Industry Background which you may already have from your computer engineering background.
Here are a few questions for you:
  • How well do you understand the Software Development Life Cycle?

  • How many web development / computer programming projects have you participated in from inception to deployment?

The answers to these two simple questions may help you understand your readiness to become an IT Business Analyst.
In terms of the courses taken by IT Business Analysts, you need to take UML and Use Case Courses. Click here to get a more complete list of IT Business Analyst Courses