Ask IT Career Coach

Please sir I am a boy who wants to become a computer programmer in the future but I don\'t know the right courses to take after my Junior High School (j.h.s) so please help me learn more about Information Technology (I.T)
very meaningful n helpful
Thank you Hasaan for that feedback, I appreciate it :-)
If you want to major in computer science or work in the information technology industry after you graduate, here are some skills that you need to pay very good attention to:
1.) Take all your Math courses including: trignometry, calculus, algebra, etc.
2.) Take your English writing, essay or reading classes
3.) Take your art or design classes. Computer science has a lot to do with improving man versus machine interactions using good design principles
4.) Take your visual & performing arts seriously
5.) Take communication courses or classes
6.) Take any basic computer programming or logic classes
7.) if you can, get involved with HTML / CSS Web Design as soon as you can and learn. Start reading about developments in computer science, interpret what they mean and then blog about them.
I hope this helps ... I wish you the best of luck in your budding information technology / computing career