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I graduated with a degree in Management of Information Systems. However, it has been 4 years and have only had experience customer service and marketing.
I want to know would it be too late for me to get into Database Analyst now?
Or would I have to take classes all over again? Of course I am going to look more into taking classes or getting certified in SQL or Oracle.
Please let me know what steps you would take to climb that ladder to become a database analyst.Thanks.

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  1. It is Never Too Late To Become A Database Analyst

    It is never too late to do what you love, care about or what you are interested in.

    What matters is whether you are interested enough in the career to take actions.

    If you are not really interested in the career, then it doesn\'t matter if you are 20 years or 50 years because you will do dothing :-)

  2. Should You Take Database Classes or Get Database Certifications?

    What decides if you should take database classes is your level of skill or confidence in SQL.

    If you are highly skilled and you already know how to perform the tasks required of a database analyst to a high degree, then you don\'t need to take a class!

    Taking a database marketing analyst certification is also OK, if you are doing this to learn more ... but don\'t expect that it will help you get a job!

    So, if your skills are weak, then take a database analyst class and then get a database analyst certification!

  3. What Are The Steps To Becoming A Database Analyst?

    STEP #1: First learn or master Relational Database Design & Development and then SQL Query Writing.

    STEP #2:Next, get lots of handson experience building relational databases and writing sql queries.

    STEP #3: Finally, update your resume with the results of all the work that you have been doing and then start taking database analyst job Interviews!