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Hi All ,
I was working as a customer relations executive for 1.5 yrs in a small org.
Then i shifted to an international BPO where in my role was technical support engineer for again 1yr (i was directly dealing with the end users and trouble shooting for their internet and computer issues) after which i got a break for 1 year because of some personal issues.
Now,i would like to proceed with my career and get placed in a good company.After a lot of researches,I have arrived with 2 options ->learning ETL tool (AB initio) or SAP CRM functional.
When i analyzed the market trend, AB initio fetches less money and more tech knowledge like UNIX and other programming skills etc when compared to CRM.
When i analyzed with my experience in techno functional skills, i hope crm will better suit me (though i have a less business work experience am ready to pick it up).
Also i have good interpersonal skills.But some say i really need to have a "real time" business experience to learn CRM functional ( such as marketing , sales etc ).
I am really interested in CRM but fearing if i would get lost in the middle of the course because of its complexity and unfamiliar concepts.
Can you please help me to take a right decision?
Which will be the right course for me to excel in my future career! Which has good scope! If U suggest any of these courses what are all the skills that i should develop in accordance with those courses.

Thanks in advance !

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a good career to get into, but you are right in thinking that you can get lost studying it.
But you can get lost studying almost anything, so the question is \"What Is The Right Way To Go About Learning CRM\"?
1.) SAP CRM is an enterprise software that may be expensive for you to learn (depending on your budget) and it may also be complex. So there is a chance that it would be too much for you to handle from a cost perspective and from a complexity or learning curve perspective.
DO you want to read my thoughts about learning enterprise software?
Read these two posts:
1.) Oracle or Microsoft Access, Which Is Better
2.) Do You Want To Learn SAS Data Analytics
Now, on the other hand, there are other CRM software products that you can learn that will not have a high cost structure or complexity associated with it.
For example SalesForce is a popular CRM application that is not going to be as expensive to learn as many CRM products out there ... just go to Dice.Com and google for SalesForce and see how many jobs you can find, requiring it as a skill.
I would also advice you to learn the principles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as be ready to learn how to setup, configure or extend CRM products ... if need be.
Best Wishes