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I am a little stumped about my career options. I have a bachelors degree in IT and I have been a programmer for 6 years (.Net Web Development to be precise).
Recently I completed my MBA in Project Management and also completed the PRINCE2 certification.
Now, while I was working, I never held any management posts, so I don\'t have management or project management experience but I have been a team leader for a team of programmers.
Now my question is, I don\'t want to go back into programming but I do want to go into the management stream in general and project management in particular but since I don\'t have any prior experience in that area, what would be the position I should be applying for when I\'m job hunting?

Which position should I apply for that would get me into the management stream.

How Do You Become A Project Manager

The position that you would be applying for depends on where you want to go with your career and since you want to become a project manager, then you should apply for project management positions ... which makes things nice and simple, right :-)
The real question is how to get a project management or IT management position and whether you have enough experience to do so.

Training or Qualifications in Project Management

With your MBA in Project Management, you have the educational training to become a project manager or even an IT (Information Technology) Manager and with your lead programmer position, you have the experience as well.
What you need to do is to stay at your current lead position and then start practicing what you learnt from MBA in Project Management.
There must be tangible proof that you are doing project management work and so what you need to do, is to start assuming more and more of those responsibilities at your current position.
Don\'t wait for anyone to confer a project management title to you on a certain day or to suddenly recognize your Project Management credentials ... instead, itemize all the roles and responsibilities of project managers and then start volunteering for those sorts of tasks within your organization or taking them on by just doing it.
Do this even if no-one wants to pay you for this or even if you have to work extra-hard. Be sure to document your results or contributions and then when you have built a portfolio for yourself, go to senior manager that you have some rapport with and indicate your interest in moving in to a project management / IT Management role. P.S. Spend at least six months before you start talking to your management team.
If your management team shows absolutely no interest in working with you, you may consider applying for jobs outside the firm.
Make sure you re-do your resume to highlight more of the project management tasks you are performing and less of your programming experience. A rewrite of your resume is essential because you are transitioning from one career to another one and your resume has to reflect where you are going.