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Hi! My name is Carlos and I have a Master Degree in Informatics Engineering.
Having worked intensely on Oracle plsql programming for the past 4 years I consider myself an experienced programmer.
I also worked for one year developing web interfaces in J2EE,GWT,GXT, and Flash/Actionscript.
My question now is : where to go from here? There seem to be an interesting market for Oracle Forms/Reports area but I fear wasting time learning technologies that may become on a near time,obsolete.
On the other hand, changing to Oracle Business Intelligence or datawarehousing seems to be a more correct approach.
However I only have Datawarehousing experience from college ... So I\'m lost on what to do next!
Can you help?

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You are definitely an experienced Oracle PLSQL Programmer with your 4 Years of intense programming experience ... good job!
What you need to jumpstart your datawarehousing career is experience with building enterprise databases first.
A datawarehouse is often constructed as a denormalized database and in many cases it is also an aggregation of facts coming from several enterprise databases. So, if you don\'t have a sound handson experience in how databases work, you may find it hard to convince a manager to hire you for that role.
Click here to read this post on how to start a data warehousing career
A Datawarehousing Developer is often required to design or develop databases that aggregate informatiion from other enterprise databases. They are comfortable working with extremely large sets of data, hundreds of tables, relationships, foreign / primary keys, indexes, etc.
They also have a very strong grasp of how data flows around the company. However unlike the Data Analyst and Database Developer Career Path a Datawarehousing Developer has to work into the career by working in at least a strong Enterprise Database / Data Analyst / Reporting role.
Since you have already accumulated strong experience in Oracle PLSQL Development, it sounds like the next logical choice for you is to master Oracle database design & development before moving on to Datawarehousing ...
What are your thoughts on this?
Pls keep me updated