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I am post graduate in computer science and i hate to do programming.
i know some languages but I am not interested in them. What is the best field in IT other than programming. What is the highest possibility for getting a job?

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The best industries depends on your personality or preferences and they include the following:
1.) Project Management
2.) Business Analysis
3.) Database Analysis, Development or Management
4.) Web Design
5.) Business Writing / Technical Writing
These careers more or less do not require a programming mindset or background but your chances with each of them is fully dependent on your personality.
If you have strong written and verbal communication skills, then a business analysis career may be ideal
If you have strong writing or documentation skills then a Technical Writing position may be suitable
If you have strong leadership, strong verbal communication and strong writing / documentation skills then a project management position may be more ideal
If you have none of these skills and you still want to use some technical skills but not like in computer programming then a database developer or database analysis or report writer position may work for you.
It all depends on what your personality type is and what your preferences are ...