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What is the possible career path for Database Marketing Analyst?
Is it possible to move from a database marketing analyst position to a business analyst or BI / Data Warehouse position?

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Database Marketing Analysts have a lot of career options and this post reviews them.

The best career path for a database marketing analyst depends on opportunities available with the employer, the likes or preferences of the database marketing analyst and their background.

Without much ado, here is the database marketing analyst career path

  1. The Web Analytics Career Path - database marketing analysts can get into careers in web analytics, web data mining or web mining without expensive re-training because both career paths exercise similar analysis skills.

    Click here to read this post on how to get a job in web data analytics.

  2. The Data Warehousing Career Path - database marketing analysts with very strong relational database skills and ql query writing skills and a strong background in an enterprise database platform like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server can go into the Data Warehousing career path.

  3. The Database Developer Career Path - database marketing analysts with an interest in pursuing a more technical career path would do well to start off with learning a relational database management system like Microsoft Access or SQL Server.

    Many database marketing analysts already know how to work with Microsoft Access and if this happens to be your situation, learn SQL Server.

  4. The Enterprise Reporting Analyst Career Path - database marketing analysts with an interest in working with management and staying technical a the same time can go into enterprise reporting.

    This means that they have to learn the enterprise reporting tools utilized in their corporations. These tools include Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services.

    It may even be that the tool that you will be using is Microsoft Excel or even Microsoft Access for Reporting.

  5. The Business Intelligence (BI) Career Path - database marketing analysts with an interest in enterprise data mining and software development can go into business intelligence (BI).

    There may be a steep learning curve here because some of the tools that are used for business intelligence like Microsoft Analysis Services require strong technical mastery and even software development using Microsoft\'s programming platform (.NET Framework, C#).

    At the same time, the business intelligence profession pays well and can be a stepping stone into other consulting careers as well.

  6. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Career Path - database marketing analysts with an interest in customer service or marketing can go into customer relationship management.

    There are many software products or services in the CRM industry. An example of which is Salesforce.

    Regardless of the CRM software you use, make sure that you learn, understand and master the principles behind the CRM industry.

Hi, and thank you for your post. I am a graduating student of a marketing program. I am interested in CRM/database marketing. I\'ve noticed that many job postings for these positions require working knowledge of SAS as well as the applications that you\'ve mentioned. My question is how does one become proficient in these applications. Is there training available? Are there CRM programs (academic) or should I just find individual courses. What is my best bet to get my foot in the door.
Thank you
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Thank you very much for the info. It is very helpful! I will definitely recommend this site to my friends!
Thank you Lynn, I am glad that you found my answer helpful ... I wish you the very best in your career
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i hav been working on data warehousing ETL tool -Datastage but now i wish to shift to salesforce CRM as it works on Cloud ....
can i hav a career shift... from datawarehousing to salesforce crm or i need to learn java for dat
I recently received a job offer for a career in Business Systems Analyst. It sets you up for analyzing data for clients on various software. It\'s a marketing team so the information is geared towards client growth. I am a finance major and want to see myself succeed (financially and intellectually) for the purpose to reach higher management.
is this the right career choice to develop the right skills pertaining to excel and valuation and real data and number analysis, or does this focus more on IT training and helping you reach systems profiency and not data analytics?
thank you