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I am david from Sydney, Australia. I have done MBA in the university and after passing out I have not been able to get a job because i did not have the local experience.
Now I m thinking of doing an IT course.
Pls help me out as to which course I do will help me a lot in getting a job ... I also dont have any programming experience as i m frm business background ...
I am willing to put my heart and soul into it and try to learn the subject matter in depth..thks

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David, I will be glad to answer your question about \"What Information Technology (IT) Courses To Take\", today.
Like you observed, you can go the technical route and master programming languages or go the business route.
Considering that you have a business, non-technical background, these are the careers that I would recommend for you and my thoughts on each of them.

  1. Technical Writing

    : Technical writers create documentation, manuals, business analysis documents, business process documentation and corporate reports amongst other types of reports.
    Skills: The primary skills used by technical writers includes researching, analysis, writing and software documentation skills. Depending on the type of company or project, you may have to use specialized software programs to create help files or documents for software products.
    One common trend is the requirement to create online documentation. That means that technical writers may also be required to have some light web design or web programming skills in languages like: CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript and perhaps image editing and manipulation.
    In summary, technical writers spend their entire day writing or creating documents using software programs.

  2. Business Analysis

    : With an MBA degree, you can also become a business analyst.
    But before you can become a business analysis, you have to actually learn the roles and responsibilities of business analysts as well as gain the skills required in business analyst jobs.
    Business analysts also create business documentation (just like technical writers), but they also have the additional responsibilities of managing the requirements processes in a company. In addition to excellent writing skills, business analysts also need excellent verbal communication skills.
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    Business Analysts spend some time writing and some time talking to users, business stakeholders and they spend some time analyzing the requirements of their projects.

  3. Project Management

    : With an MBA degree, you can also become a project manager.
    However it is not that easy to become an information technology (IT) project manager without some previous IT background.
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    Project Managers have the overall responsibility for the success or failure of their projects. They have strong leadership and conflict resolutions skills. Project Management is not a job for the faint-hearted :-)

In addition, I want to recommend that you learn more about the web or internet business environment because a lot of professionals are employed or get hired to assist with web projects.
For example, they may be hired to design a web site (web designer) or analyze and document the requirements for the web project (web business analyst) or develop a website (web developers) or lead and manage the web project (web project manager) or write for the web (copywriters, bloggers, technical writers, article writers).
So get as much handson experience in ecommerce or web / internet projects because a lot of hiring gets done in that industry.