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I have 5 years of experience in the IT industry, more specifically in the Production Support field.
I have done the foundation of ITIL V3. Would like to know what career options apart from Production support i have at this point wherein i can use my 5 years of IT experience.

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  1. Become An ITIL Certified Information Technology (IT) Manager

    Are you interested in Management? If you are, you may consider becoming an ITIL Certified IT Manager.

    Take the time to assess if you are able to get into IT Management at your current company or get into IT Management at a completely new company.

    If you decide to get into IT Management, start acquiring more management experience at your current place of employment, by volunteering for or asking for more leadership roles.

  2. Become A Network Administrator After ITIL V3 Certification

    If you have been more involved in Information Technology (IT) Production Support and you like working with computer hardware or networks, then look into becoming a Network Administrator.

    This depends on whether you like working with people more or with technology more.

  3. Become a Customer Relationship Manager After ITIL V3 Certification

    If you do not like working with technology that much or you enjoy working with people more (talking to people, resolving inter-personal conflicts, communicating, etc.), then consider moving into a role where you spend most of your day solving people issues instead of troubleshooting technology issues!

Off late i am thinking I should try for something non technical.IT management is an interesting option. I have good communication skills and would like a more process kind of role where I have to interact with people. I enjoy interacting with people specially over emails as i learnt i have a flair for it in my line of work!
Can you advise more on how i can achieve this ? Also i am looking for a job where I can have a regular day shift .
I am agree with you, I have the same case as your also I am looking for same opportunity having 4.9 Yr of Exp with Telecom & banking Domain.
Just get out of there, that position sucks