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I am a fourt year undergraduate statistics student in Kenya.
Which are the software packages that i require to do so as to equip myself with data analysis tools?
Is it okey for me to do CCNA?
How wil i get hands on experience to analyse data?
Thank you.

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Data Analysts use various software packages including SAS, SPSS, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Relational Databases.
Some of theswe software packages are free and open source and some of them are expensive, enterprise software packages.
SQL, Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets) and Relational Databases like Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server and MySQL are common software packages used by data analysts that are also easy to acquire or obtain.
If you are thinking of becoming a data analyst, you probably should not be thinking of CCNA at the same time because CCNA is a certification for computer network enginners.
So, you should decide to become a computer network enginner or decide to become a data analyst but probably not both when you are just staring out.
One good way to get handson data analysis experience is to get involved with weblog analysis projects, web data mining projects and website optimization projects because the data is easy to get and websites are everywhere.