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I\'m a jr. Data Analyst and i\'m wondering how i can advance in my career.
I have a degree in Associte of Applied Science in Administrative Professional. However, i\'ve been working as an analyst for 2 years. I don\'t believe my current degree matches the qualifications needed for advancement.
If i decide to take this course how would employers perceive the certificate of completion obtained through your site? Is it considered Accredited for many companies?
Thank you for getting in touch with us and for your interest in our data analyst training program.
Here are the answers to your questions.
1. How do you advance in your career?
You advance in your career by learning new marketable skills or by becoming highly skilled at the job that you are doing.
Another way that you can advance your career is by getting handson experience in enterprise or high visibility projects.
Finally, you advance your skills by taking advantage of every opportunity to become more informed or knowledgeable about your field.
2. Is your current degree a liability?
Your current degree is only a liability, if you let it be. Congratulations on the fact that you actually have an Associate of Applied Sciences degree.
For your information, there are professionals out there who are still working on getting their first degree, so you need to be place more emphasis on what you have :-)
FYI: I coach or advice PHD. Graduates who are in the same boat as you ... looking for a job. And some of them have doctoral degrees in computing from reputable institutions.
What I am saying is that your current degree is only a liability if you let it be or if you think that it is.
3. Would getting more educational degrees help my career advancement?
If you want to get more educational degrees because it is a personal goal, then go for it! However, don\'t assume that getting more college degrees will advance your career. It may advance your career but then there are other things that you can do to advance your career especially when you consider the time and money that you will spend getting that degree.
Really, if you have a degree, any degree, you are in a great place. It is now time to become professionally competent ... which is not the same thing as getting more degrees.
Getting more educational degrees is not the best way or most direct way to get ahead in today\'s job market.
4. How will getting more educational degrees actually help my career?
Here is what I advise. It is good to get advanced degrees, MBAs, etc. all long as you don\'t assume that it will help you get a job or move ahead in your career. It is also good to get advanced degrees because they give you a sense of personal accomplishment and in some cases self-worth.
An advanced degree is also relevant, if you are interested in the science of how things work from an academic perspective because you enjoy the subject that much. Again advanced degrees can give you something that you can take pride in ... but they are not the primary requirement for career advancement or success.
5. will an endorsement from any college or training institution help me?
Not really because no one can endorse you like that. You get endorsed by doing a great job for your current employer. When that happens, your manager will endorse you within the organization and you will get access to higher visibility projects. You get endorsed by your peers or co-workers when you become highly skilled and you use that as a basis for helping or serving your team or organization. In other words, when you become very knowledgeable and you also use that knowledge not to impress your peers but to help them succeed, they will love you and reward you by referring recruiters or anyone that is hiring to you.
For example, LinkedIn (one of the most popular job search & professional networking websites) recruiters and employers are always soliciting for referrals. In other words, they are highly interested in candidates that are referred by others as opposed to those who just work in and apply for the job.
LinkedIn actually has a whole recommendation system based on members giving / receiving recommendations.
That is how the job market works. That is also why one of the oldest advice giving to professionals is to network ... because it is people that will recommend you and not any institution!
6. How does accreditation help my job search?
Why do even Ivy league colleges have problems placing MBA students? It is fairly well-known that even two (2) of the highest accreditations in the market: An Ivy League college degree and an MBA that costing six figures does not guarantee getting or finding a job.
Why? Because there was a time when the pedigree or accreditation of your college degree guaranteed you a job and career success. However, in the current, internet / digital / information age, employers are throwing all that put of the window for candidates who can perform!
7. Can you perform, Prove it!
What I am saying is that a decade or more ago, employers judged you by the accreditation, status or pedigree attached to your college degree. So, the will use words like, I want to hire an MBA from Wharton or a computer scientist from Harvard, etc.
However, that is no longer the corporate culture. In today\'s face paced technology driven world, businesses are built in a fraction of the time that they used to take, and the amount of information available to anyone who is truly passionate about their career is simply mind-blowing.
Today\'s culture is completely performance driven. Your college degree or the pedigree attached to it is worth nothing if you don’t perform on the job. College education is not as relevant as it used to be because before you are done with a four (4) year college, your industry has probably re-invented itself multiple times.
What is needed is a new paradigm for reading and learning information and a performance mindset. Please read this article title \"Can you Perform, Prove It\":
7. How Can we Help You!
We don’t sell accreditations and we are not in the endorsement business. Frankly speaking, that is a traditional way of thinking and we don\'t buy that!
But we can help you, if you are willing to endorse yourself and you are not looking for something to endorse you!
We can help you by helping you get those cutting edge skills that will make you stand-out in the job market.
We will help your career by helping you become more marketable, because we our training offers what the market wants.
Please keep in mind, that we have professionals from banking institutions, colleges / universities, health care organizations, corporations of all sizes, etc, in our training programs. And they want what we offer, marketable high-demand skills, career focused, professional coaching / training and the opportunity to improve their skills.
Tasha, we can help you ... and we will be glad to do so :-)
Thanks so much for the information! And a big \"THANKS\" for congratulating me on my degree.
I really want to advance in the analyst field and will seriously consider taking this course.
Have a great day, wish me luck! :-)