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I am a fresh bachelor in computer applications and I want to do a specialization in dot net framework technology.
But I\'m confused about what is the best field in dot net meaning,, etc.
I am not that much intelligent. I am a medium student so please tell me which specialization in dot net is best for me and and when I am done with my specialization, which type of work will I do so that i can get a job easily in an IT company.
And or plz tel me the whole info about .net and its fields sir plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz guide me and tell me how much the salary of a fresh .net professional is.
Hi I am Suraj More From Mumbai I have 3 yrs experience in Asp.Net
what are the diifernt careers way for me from here
The fundamental or basic .NET programming language specializations are: C# and Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET).
Out of this two, I will recommend that you learn C# which is modern object oriented langauge that has features or capabilities similar to the C/C++ and Java.
C# is highly respected among programming purists and veterans of Java or C/C++ because it\'s language is similar and it borrows from the best features of both languages.
Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) according to Microsoft is equivalent in capabilities to C# ... yet many software development shops will not take you serious if all you know is Visual Basic. This is primarily because Visual Basic evolved from classic Visual Basic (VB6) which though being a popular programming language is looked upon as sort of a Hobby Language. So, even though Visual Basic may be equivalent to C#, it does not have the type of history or background that C# has. So, my recomemndation is still: learn C#.
But there is more to .NET Framework Specializations than just the programming languages. There are reall career specializations that are available to you after you learn one or both of these programming languages.
Here are some of the .NET Framework Specializations:
1. ASP.NET Web Developer
2. Web Designer - Microsoft Expression Blend
3. Sharepoint Designer - Developer
4. Microsoft Commerce Server - E-Commerce Developer
5. SQL Server Developer
6. WPF / Win Forms - Desktop / Windows Developer
7. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) - Developer
8. Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Developer
9. Microsoft Office (Word, MS Excel, VBA) - Developer
10. C# / VB.NET Developer
As you can see, there are many developer specializations available to C# / VB.NET Developers.
However, out of all these possibel .NET Framework Specializations, I would still recommend that you follow the ASP.NET Web Developer Specialization / Career Path because of the popularity and high availability of web developer job postings!