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I worked as a computer programmer for six years with the same company.
I was laid-off back in 2004. I currently work for a temp agency doing accounts payable.
I have a busniess degree in accounting and a associate\'s degree in Information Systems.
I am currently in school working on my bachelor\'s degree in Business Information Systems.
I would like to get back into the IT field, as soon as possible. I interviewed with the temp agency that I currently work for and they suggested that I get my A+ certification.
Is this a good idea?
I advise your son takes more then an A+ course. With this tough job market he will need more then a basic A+ cert to get noticed.
If IT tech/support is what he is interested in I advise he takes a few windows 7/server certifications.
He must know the concepts real well and create a complex lab at home with several virtual machines.
He must have excellent communication skills to sell his abilities then a entry pc tech/support position will be attainable.
My son just got his GED, I was thinking about sending him for a two week training at a local community college for the A+ certification, its around $1900. \n\nDo you think once he gets this certification are their job opportunities for an 18year old with a A+certification and no real IT job experience?

  • When Is An A+ Certification Helpful?

    If you are just coming out of high school and you have never worked an Information Technology Job in your entire life, then an A+ Certification may be helpful.

    However, considering your six years of computer programming experience and your business degree in accounting + associate degree, an A+ Certification is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

  • Will More College Degrees Help My Career?

    More college degrees like the \"Bachelors in Business Information Systems\" can help you self-esteem or your personal sense of accomplishment, however, it will do very little to further your career in Information Technology and the Return On Investment (ROI) for you is going to be negligible considering that you already have a college degree and your real goal is to move up in the Information Technology (IT) Industry!

  • What Is The Fastest / Surest Way To Get back In The IT Field?

    Go and learn the latest computer programming / software development languages especially those marketed by Microsoft namely Visual C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server.

    The demand for skilled computer programmers in the USA is so high, that someone of your caliber with a college degree and previous programming experience should be earning at least $70K as a conservative estimate!

    Why ... because the demand for computer programming resources is so high, that here in the US, we have a dedicated H1-B Visa / Immigration Policy for foreign nationals for computer programming skills.

    If you were to learn the right programming languages and stopped wasting your time with more college degrees / A+ Certifications, you could be inside an IT Department in 6 to 9 Months earning at least $40K to $50K on your first entry-level job!

Thank you so much. You confirmed exactly what I thinking. I am going to start looking for training online and off ASAP!
Thanks again!